Food Intolerances & Allergies

"That's the Royal Oak DIFFERENCE"

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The Royal Oak in


Allergen Details

& Compliance

We are fully compliant with EU food

& allergen regulations


All of our menus contain details identifying meals, starters, desserts, side options and specials

that are or can be served



ALLERGENS are not identied within any of our menus.


It is the customers responsibilty to request ALLERGEN information regarding any ingredient/recipe/handling for any of our foods, from any member of staff.


Signage througout the Royal Oak will remind you to inform us & request ALLERGEN information from the kitchen.


Your communicated ALLERGEN / Dietry needs will be added to your food order and receipt.


Foods include all beverages.


Do not assume that you know what is contained in any of our foods based upon its description or your understanding of a recipe.

Probally the largest

Gluten Free menu

you will ever see!




We dont just produce a gluten free dish by removing all the nice

things you want to eat.


Many of our normal dishes have been created with gluten free in mind

& no one would ever notice the difference.


For example all our angus & childrens burgers are gluten free

-all we have to do is cook them seperately & put them in a gluten free bun.




Please inform us about your ALLERGY!


Just because you think or know that your choosen food does not contain any ALLERGENS that will /may effect you, does not mean that we have just not handled your ALLERGEN in the kitchen for someone else!


We take cross contamination very seriously