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Pre-order your meal


Essential for large parties of 9 to 17 guests but also beneficial to guests with limited time to dine.

Pre-ordering does not mean that we cook your food in advance

but it does allow the Chef to be prepared for large parties and have full availablity

of stock to meet your order requirements. Large parties should pre-order their meals through the organising customer

at least 48 hours in advance of the booking.


Our food is fresh & cooked to order.

That takes time that you may not have during a limited lunch-time schedule.

By pre-ordering your meal with an agreed arrival time the Chef can have your

meal out on your table in under 10 minutes - even at busy times!

Your pre-order must be received no later than one hour before your booking time

(seated at the table) and with either a verbal telephone or e-mailed confirmation from the Royal Oak.


When you have made the effort to book with us and turn up with the anticipation

of your favourite dish at the Royal Oak, we hate to inform you that we have run out!

- so why not pre-order your dish & we will ensure that we have it for you. None menu items such as steaks

can be ordered in if you give us 48 hours notice.


PRE-ORDER your meal by contacting us on 01373 826270

or by e-mailing your order at


PRE-ORDER DETAILS for your starter & main courses are required including all options like:

how its cooked, potato, salad & veg options etc.




For large parties or functions of 18 plus guests - click this link